Projects Supported in 2016

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Project Description 



560 Naches Ave. SW, Suite 110

Renton, WA 98057


Provide new and repair existing homes for low-income families in King County

1350 Remington Rd., Suite "A"     

Schaumburg, IL 60173


Construction of Secondary school

60 Weoley Park Rd

Birmingham B296RB

United Kingdom

Support full scholarships to high-caliber individuals on Al-Mahdi Institute's Four Year Hawza Program and support Al Mahdi capital improvements and operational expenses

103 Walton Rd


Surrey GU21 5DW

United Kingdom 

Construction of maternity wards for in-labour patients, pre-operative assessments, and post-operative care for mothers and babies.

1121 228th Ave SE

Sammamish, WA 98075


Support for the frail elderly in the Greater Issaquah and Sammamish community.

Eastside Friends of Seniors 2016

27 E Monroe Street. Suite 700

Chicago, IL 60603


Publish and distribute to about 3000 mosques and about 3000 churches, synagogues and other interfaith partners throughout the United States 100,000 copies of brochures to deal with Islamophobia, radicalization and extremism and youth.  

336 Pinner Road


Middlesex, HA1 4LB

United Kingdom  

Phase 1 construction of the Salaam Center.  Salaam Centre center vision is to stimulate a paradigm shift in the discourse of Islam in the West, with a particular emphasis on the youth, family, creativity and Islamic heritage. The Salaam Centre offers a unique shared space for the community. Open to all, it aims to fulfil the physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of people from all walks of life, age and gender.

P.O. Box 710808

Oakland, CA 94612


Fund expanded legal capacity, policy education and engagement efforts, and broader reach of civic education programs for religious and racial equality. Pursue more efforts at the state and local level in a time when federal protections may diminish substantially. Support expanding and strengthening organizational capacity to respond to growing demands for help from the community.

P.O. Box 1895

Dar es salaam


Support for orphans and needy students

4215 Rainier Ave S. Suite B

Seattle, WA 98118


Salary support for Case Managers providing effective case management services for victims of sex trafficking including safe and stable housing, mental health counseling, education access, job training, and life skill classes. In addition to access to these services,  Case Managers provide consistent, safe, and stable relationships to clients ensuring they have what they need to escape the sex trade and sustain a life outside of it.

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