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2011 May Zahir Janmohamed Report

From: Zahir Janmohamed
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 4:09 AM
To: Jawad Khaki [Khaki Foundation]
Cc: Asiya Khaki
Subject: Samerth Mobile library

The Samerth Mobile Library serves the communities of Juhapura, Vejalpur, Narol, and Sarkhej in Ahmedabad, India.

Currently in the Juhapura area, where over 300,000 residents live, there are no libraries. The Samerth Library allows residents, particularly children, to access books and a computer for a token fee of 5 rupees per month. The library has various books in English, Hindi and Gujarati. Many of the children take the books to school as some of the schools in Juhapura do not have library facilities.

Many of the parents, especially women, are fond of the computer in the mobile library as they say it is their only chance to use a computer in Juhapura. While there are computer classes in Juhapura, most cannot afford these classes. Computer skills are becoming increasingly important for women who want administrative or clerical jobs.

Many of those who benefit from the Samerth Library lost their homes (and even relatives) in the 2002 Gujarat riots.